They said the ICC would never happen.
They were wrong.
Now they say it will never work.
Let’s prove them wrong all over again.

Its mission?  To hold individuals to account for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide – no matter their rank or station.

Over 120 countries have now accepted ICC jurisdiction. The Court has issued its first verdicts and many victims are in line to receive reparations to help rebuild their lives. The progress from idea to reality has been remarkable. But the story does not end there.

Mass killings and war crimes continue all over the globe. With many counties, including the major powers, still outside the system, over half the population of the world cannot access justice.

All states need to join the ICC – the biggest to the smallest. They must prosecute more war criminals themselves, cooperate with the Court, arrest fugitives, end the scourge of war-time sexual violence, and help victims live once again with dignity.

Global Justice is within reach. Let’s prove them wrong all over again. Join the Fight.

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