The ICC must be supported to develop as a fair, effective and independent Court with the best leaders, highest legal standards and sufficient resources to deliver meaningful justice to victims wherever they may be.

As the most significant step towards ending impunity for grave crimes of our times, the ICC needs to evolve into the global court the world demands of it.
The world’s highest criminal court, the ICC’s investigations, trials and staff must embody the very highest legal standards.
For effective and efficient justice, ICC member states must elect the best leaders to the ICC and its governing body, the Assembly of States Parties.
International justice costs a fraction of the conflicts that make it necessary. Governments must give the ICC the resources it needs to deliver justice that is meaningful for victims.
The ICC is located in The Hague far from many of the crime it investigates. If justice is to bring about change, it must be made visible.
The ICC tries individuals for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. It is independent and impartial. Governments must opt-in to the Rome Statute system and prosecute first if they can.
Civil society was the driving force behind the establishment of the ICC in 2002. It continues to work for a stronger ICC.
The scourge of sexual and gender-based crimes is found in conflicts the world over. The ICC is leading efforts to stamp out it out.